Meet Victoria Ugonna UWAJUMOGU, The FlimMaker Behind NEDA

NEDA FINAL from Victoria ugonna uwajumogu on Vimeo.




Who is Victoria Uwajumogu?

I am a driven girl, who is waiting to see all life has to offer


What inspired you into film making?

Hmmn, This might sound a bit cheesy or cliché, but film actually chose me. As passionate as I am, I’m still a bit of a coward. Film isn’t the road usually taken for someone that comes from my family. I’ve always enjoyed films and always wondered how they were made. I also used to write and make up stories in my head. And I’d usually dream of putting it on a screen. So one day my cousin came over and read some of my stories and asked me why I was studying Economics, I was 19 at that time.  So with her wise words, I gathered the courage to tell my parents that I wanted to study film. After the short battle with my parents, I switched my course to film and advertising. Today my father is my biggest fan


So how did you end up in the UK?

In my 3rd year, I felt my knowledge wasn’t really enough. Don’t get me wrong the teaching at the American University of Nigeria was good. But It’s a university not a film school, I wanted to go where everything was about film because the dedication to the course was better. I applied to the Met film School, London and there my life changed.


So, what’s new?

I learned a lot more, I’m still Learning because I still have a year left and I’ll always be learning. At first I felt bad leaving my former school because I had just one more year and sometimes the pressure makes you doubt your abilities and future in film.  For the first time I wondered if I had made a mistake, I began to question my talent but the passion kept me going. I said to myself you’ve left your family, friends and even life and you’ve come here, you have no option but to stay and fight. It’s not over, I’m still fighting, still trying to make it, but I’ve taken some steps to make it.


You just made a short film that was posted on Bella Naija; can you tell me more about it?

The short film is titled Neda, it is about a young woman who is an illegal immigrant in the UK and is forced to work as a prostitute by her husband. Writing the script was a bit tough as I had less than ten minutes to tell the story on a screen, but in the end I did it and I think it was fantastic, at least the viewers say so. It is my first short film and it has opened some doors for me. The filming experience was amazing, I had the best crew and actors and I’m really proud of the work we achieved.


How has the journey been so far?

It’ s been great! Challenging, tough but still great. It is not an easy road but it’s worth it. Like I said, a few doors have been opened for me since the release of my short film, I have new projects I’m working on. A small documentary I made will be out soon, so yeah I’m very excited. There’s so much to look forward to because I know my future is very bright. God has been faithful and wonderful.


Who inspires you and why?

Like I always say, any successful person in any business inspires me. Looking at a person who is successful and happy with his or her job or business inspires me, because I want to be happy and successful doing what I love the most. The process of filmmaking is tough but when I’m done I’m very glad. I have met a lot of great filmmakers that inspire me to be better, like one of my tutors Chris Bould. He is one of the best TV directors in England. So if you love what you do and you are successful, you definitely inspire me.


So what does the future hold for you?

 Growth and success


Please tell us a bit more about Victoria Ugonna Uwajumogu

I am twenty-two years old and I am from Imo state. I am blessed with the best family and friends anyone could ask for. I love to read, travel and learn. I don’t know what else to say.


Any advise for the youth today?

I would say never give up, work hard and trust God and your abilities. Never let anyone try to bring you down ‘cause trust me they have tried.  I read a quote that goes “ Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again. “







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    I actually read this in Vikki’s voice. And yes baby,life has many beautiful tins instore for u. I’m a big fan.

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