Trend Alert! 9 Ways To Colorblock Your Wedding

Summer is my favorite time of year for countless reason, and at the top of my list are all of the bright colors that are (finally!) in season. That’s why I love the colorblock trend, it combines multiple bright and bold colors all at once like aquamarine and citron. So, skip the lace and burlap. Colorblocked wedding details – borrowed from the fashion runways – have wedding planners (and brides!) across the country totally inspired. Steal these fresh new ideas!

Colorblock Linen

Photo: Simone and Martin Photography

For this intimate beachside wedding, celebrity wedding planner, Mindy Weiss, played with two equally bold colors: blue on the tabletops with pops of yellow in the centerpieces and chair covers. She topped it off with a simple white draped fabric canopy to ensure the table was the ultimate focal point.

2. Bright Ceremony Decor

Colorblock Wedding Ceremony

Photo: Wedding Photojournalism by Ron Soliman

While a colorblock ceremony certainly isn’t for everyone it is possible to pull it off in a chic and sophisticated way. A little bit of draping goes a long way and makes the perfect unexpected ceremony backdrop.

3. A Flirty Bridesmaid Dress

Colorblock Bridesmaid Dress

Colorblocked bridesmaid dresses are the perfect way to add a pop of color to the day. Plus, it’s on-trend so there’s actually a chance they’ll wear it again!

4. A Color Blocked Wedding Cake

Colorblock Cakes by Sweet and Saucy Bake Shop

The wedding cake is one of the easiest places to try out a trend and really make a statement like this one designed by Melody Brandon at Sweet and Saucy Bakery. One tip worth mentioning: Use a subtler color on the base of the cake and let the sugar flowers and accents take on the bold hues (for a more edible look!).

5. Bright Neon Cactus Centerpieces

Bright Neon Cactus Centerpieces

Cory Ryan Photography

Can you believe these little guys are actually found in nature? It’s true — these desert “moon cactus” grow and blossom in neon bright yellow, fuchsia and orange. A low arrangement like this makes a striking low-key centerpiece or the perfect accent for a lounge area!

6. Half-Dipped Cupcakes

Half-Dipped Cupcakes by Elizabethan Desserts


Maybe a stretch but why not? Chocolate dipped cupcakes topped off with your favorite icing will get you a two-tone look that’s truly decadent.

7. Colorful Sugar Rimmed Glassware

Colorful Sugar Rimmed Cocktails by Goodetime Girls

Cory Ryan Photography

You don’t have to add pineapple juice to pull off a colorful cocktail. Ask your caterer about colorful rimming sugar to turn an ordinary glass into a piece of the décor.

8. Colorblock Save-the-Dates Colorblock Save-the-Dates

Block off (get it?!) the date for your wedding with colorblocked save-the-dates! This square shaped design from strikes the perfect balance between and contemporary and playful.

9. Colorblock Tipped Shoes

Colorblock Shoes from Zara

culled from THE KNOT

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