Meet Tayo Sojebe Co-Founder of My Makeup: Redefining Nigerian Beauty and Fashion Industry

Who is Tayo Sojebe?
Tayo Sojebe is the Co-founders of My Makeup Cosmetics and Company and I am in charge of running the operations of the company in Nigeria



What inspired the birth of My Makeup

When we first started My Makeup we started off with just selling MAC cosmetics because we realised that the average Nigerian woman was beginning to pay more attention to her appearance, she was beginning to understand what it is to look and feel good but did not want to break the bank in order to do that.

Is this what you envisioned you wanted to do all along, or did you just fall into it?

I had always known I would be in the fashion industry one way or the other I just wasnt sure how I would be able to break into the business

What’s your favourite aspect of owning a makeup outfit?

My favorite part is consulting with clients and educating them on what they need based on their skin type and problem areas. I also like blogging and doing makeup tutorials

How has the journey been so far?

The best way to describe our journey is “slow but steady” there are times where we feel overwhelmed in terms of the response we have gotten from people but we have enjoyed every step of it

Who/what inspires you and why?

I am inspired by other beauty bloggers, I am inspired by makeup artistes and fashion as a whole in terms of the way it changes and having to keep up with it on a daily basis

What are the main strength of you and your team?

Information is the reason why we are still in business. We keep our ears to the ground in terms of knowing what the customer wants and we are very quick to react to the change in customer demand, fashion trends etc

What does the future hold for My Makeup

Our goal is to be Nigeria’s version of Sephora

Any project coming up that you would like to share with us?

We have tons of stuff coming up this year

Because of the picture tutorials we have had an overwhelming demand for makeup classes which will commence at the end of May
We would be launching My Closet next week which is an upscale small collection of carefully picked must have pieces for every womans wardrobe
My Jewels would be releasing a new celebrity inspired line
Please tell us a bit more about Tayo

My full names are Temitayo Sojebe. I am a retailer, a blogger, a fashion enthusiast, makeup artiste, a wife, beauty consultant all rolled into one

Any advice for the youth today?

It is important to identify your talent, take advantage of it, and improve upon it



TWITTER: @mymakeup1
PHONE: 08182910730


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