Meet Nigeria’s Last Sugar Bender: Aisha Ladidi Atta

 Who is Aisha?


I’m a life lover who loves to laugh and smile and see the positive side of life.

What inspired the birth of Saycheese Cakes?

SayCheese Cakes was born out of the desire to make a lasting impact in my life, my society and my generation.

Is this what you envisioned you wanted to do all along, or did you just fall into it?

A mixture of both. Initially it started as a hobby, then it became a way to sustain my self financially, and then it gradually evolved into a medium through which I could express myself, my values and my creativity.

What’s your favourite aspect of owning your own bakery?

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My 1st favourite part is the fact that I am self trained and that I am yet to go for any kind of formal training. I’m really proud of that. Many people find it hard to believe. Lols.

My 2nd  favourite aspect is the opportunity to impact the lives of my employees, getting people off the streets and giving them a sense of hope and relevance. My bakery is like a haven where we all have fun baking and decorating cakes and sharing ideas while enjoying some good music in the background.

How has the journey been so far?

Tough, rough, challenging, enlightening, revealing, adventurous, crazy, funny, hilarious, interesting, fulfilling, scary, killing, inspiring, annoying, strengthening, eye opening, mind blowing, lots of fun and very enriching.

Who/what inspires you and why?

Quite a number of people inspire me. Some of them are Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Robert Kiyosaki, Ron Ben Israel, Buddy Valstro(Cake Boss), Bill Gates, John C. Maxwell but most of all are my mentor, (business partner and foster dad, Mr Adigun),  and my best friend, Mr Menkiti.  Their lives emulate the kind of focus, dedication, selflessness and hard work that is required for you to achieve success in anything you set out to do. They also have the mindset of doing things with a touch of excellence.
I am also particularly inspired by the pressing need for employment in our society, and my business gives me the opportunity to meet that need in some way.

What does the future hold for Saycheese cakes?

Enlargement, growth, more employees, continuous improvement.

Please tell us a bit more about Aisha?

I am the 4th born of 6 children. I studied architecture in the university of Lagos, served in Oyo stated where I taught Mathematics to little children in a Muslim school. It was a great experience. I went on to work in an Insurance company (Adic Insurance) for over 2 years. There I was exposed to organizational structure and systems and I had opportunity to acquire some management and administrative skills which I apply to my business today. For that, I am eternally grateful to Mrs Sideso.
I love music and relaxing movies. I love to read and I love to learn new things.

Linda Ikeji, Aisha Atta and Chukwudi Osakwe at the Closet Fair
Any advise for the youth today?

Work hard, be patient, give your self to continuous study and learning, honour and uphold the values of your creator and you’ll be fine.



TWITTER: @saycheese_cakes

PHONE: 08139407530





  1. Don X

    You r such a bundle of genuine n inspiring success, and I testify to it always full of life…. We love u and ur work keep it up

  2. Aisha Atta

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I’m really touched. God bless you. Love you. Love you darling sis Amina.

  3. dosamor

    Hey Didi ,
    Here is my heartfelt congratulations on your success. I wish you to attain many more success #saycheese. Luv the cakes too

  4. Loos

    I love cakes, learnt how to bake at age 7, it was like making Amala in my house lol! People found it weird that I would hate cakes from Araba, cakes and cream, cactus.. It’s because from an early age I understood what cake should taste like!

    Aisha’s cakes are the best I have had in my lifetime. Even my mom’s cakes don’t taste as good (my mommy will not vex don’t worry, she knows its true). Say cheese cakes are not too sugary, they are just perfect! They do not only look good, they taste good.. And yup, Buddy Valstro must be her mentor, see a lot of inspiration in her cake designs. Big ups to say cheese..

  5. lara ayeni

    Aisha Atta, creativity started right from good old school days, ( FGGC, Sagamu with exposure to Fine Art n Design caught u there, laughs !!!). Whaaaooo, saw ur sketches about cakes few months ago and was inspired who the Cake boss was 2nd ftn. Congrats Babe and goodluck to Say Cheese Cake.

  6. Hey love, am so extremely proud of you….. Love the cake designs that’s so creative… Pray God continues to bless the work of your hand…. Well done…

  7. kaffy of lyf

    #proud to be one of the saycheese team# its gud to have a boss like her, she is always encouraging u to get to the top too, thx for ur open heart ma# u are a great mentor to me*luv u munchos*

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