Closet Fair

Kubechi’s Closet Fair is a foremost fashion and lifestyle shopping event outfit dedicated to the business of bringing together fashion designers and beauty retailers in  fashion fairs and shows in order to create awareness for their goods and services and this is done at least once every two months.

Our business is also geared towards ensuring that shoppers get the best quality at the best possible price and all these within the comfortable ambiance as we believe that this will add value and service to the high-class shoppers to make it a truly one-stop shopping experience and delight for them.
We invite companies and exclusive vendors of good quality fashion goods and services who will obtain an application/participation-form which will entitle them to a stall to showcase their fashion items throughout the duration of the fair/show. Fashion items that are on display during the fair include: shirts, dresses, ties, wallets, wrist-watches, costume jewelry, shoes, bags, belts, perfumes and every kind of fashion items for men and women, we expect such fashion items and services to create a long-lasting impression on our elitist shoppers throughout the duration of the fair.



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